“Sophisticated, night-people synth pop from NYC. . . with big, full arrangements and deep roots in the after-after party dramatics of Bryan Ferry and co. Martini keeps things on ice (so nice), because you can’t expect the party to keep going if the drinks get warm.”

-Doug Mosurock (Still Single/DUSTED MAGAZINE)

Alfra Martini, Brooklyn, NY 2015

VIRGINIA PLAIN is a project by singer/songwriter Alfra Martini originally backed by Justin Miller, Christian Reinhardsen, and Robert Boston. The music blends cabaret inspired vocals and cyber-punk synths, over both electric and acoustic arrangements.

Mining similar territory as OMD, The Eurythmics and late period Roxy Music, Virginia Plain creates mood music for slow dances and futuristic night clubs. Their first 7" was released on All Hands Electric in 2012.

The long awaited full length album "Strange Game" was released in December 2019. Filled with dark pop ballads and chilly dance tunes, this timeless gem of an album has been hiding in limbo for over 5 years. Finally coaxed into the light, All Hands Electric will be offering a very limited edition of 100 vinyl LP's with jackets designed by Alfra and hand silkscreened by Keegan Cooke/The Circadian Press.

ARTIST CONTACT: virginiaplainnyc@gmail.com